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Since I was gone for soooo long I have a lot of people that I need to thank… T_T I don’t want to leave you guys hanging. Thanks for following me and staying with me even though I forgot how to get on the internet! So here are those amazing people!!!

Loyalmoonie, keylarixx, neonikkichan, randileeann, karieholst, nofxgirl, wobbuffet-hime, sailormarte,rissainzombieland, michaelhulahooper, moon-crisis, brispeak, moonies-forever, immensevintage, goldie8910, transcendence-s2, vanillia-icecream-mirage, universalwingz, bugles-and-bagels, nobodyknowsbest, hotaru-chan0412, bluedahlia29, major-sodomy, smmasterlist, prettyguardiansailormercury, my-weird-thoughts, luminarysailorvoluptuous, sadadoki, zoisaito, stellinabg, full-metalbender, tigerlily8jm, chibi-chibicuteness, guapamelon

Thank yooou! ^^v

PS: Mamo-chan is going to try and make some Thai curry tonight…I’m excited! ^___^ I hope it’s yummy, but since Mamo-chan is making it I’m sure it will be. I’ll let you guys know~~

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I’m baaack! Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I was gone for so long! I went on a cruise for Mamo-chan’s birthday and then I got home and the internet wasn’t working. I thought it was just broken and I tried to hit it and blow into the machine and nothing worked!!!!!

Mamo-chan just told me that I had to put in the password that was set up for our router..modem…the internet thingy! I must have accidentally unclicked it or something T____T Ugh. SO THIS WHOLE TIME I THOUGHT THE INTERNET WAS GONE. BUT IT WAS THERE. THE WHOLE TIME. T___T

I finished like 5 video games though so not all was a bust~~ ^^v

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Yay two new followers on Mamo-chan’s happy day! Thank you for following me cherryblossomsinthemaking & sailormoongoldstar~! I should get a gold star for all of the planning I did for Mamo-chan’s birthday ehehehe~

Make sure you guys go wish him a happy birthday! http://mamoru-chiba.tumblr.com/ask

<3 Usagi

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by hime

<333 Happy biiirthdaaay~

Thank you for following me ciel—etoile! Unfortunately I can’t talk long since I have to go to bed since I have an exam tomorrow. I’M REALLY NERVOUS T___T AKFJdifjdsoi Oh well~ I’ll eat sugar tomorrow morning to give me energy and boost my mind ehehe~ Brownies? Yes please!

Anyway, I’ll pop back tomorrow! :D

<3 Usagi

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